Prem Ras Yoga & Wellness School is one of the most prestigious Teacher training schools at pranayama in Himalaya uplifting and maintaining high standards of yoga and its practice. In our school we offer traditional way of  yoga teacher training courses of 21 days, 21-day-Pranayama Teacher Training Course as well. The course includes classic series of Asana, various Pranayama techniques, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and many more. Our teachers are experts in their profession and have vast experience in this field. 

Anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge and deepening of the Pranayama techniques should join this course . You can be a yoga practitioner, a teacher who wants to learn more, sharpen your skills and enhance the  knowledge , or  new to yoga, this teacher training course will provide a complete knowledge of Pranayama. You will develop the skills to teach yoga as well as improve your personal practice. 

Our 21 days Pranayama teacher training course in pranayama consists of three weeks intensive program which has been designed to give you the confidence, skills, experience and spiritual knowledge to teach pranayama to a range of students. 

This Pranayama teacher training will help you to gain a deeper insight of pranayama knowledge in form of practice, yogic philosophy - anatomy, teaching methodology and experience embodied in the ancient Indian vedic texts and Himalayan teachers experience. 

 It's a complete course of the theory, science, self-practice and teaching techniques of pranayama designed to prepare individuals to deliver professional pranayama instructions to their students, clients, patients, family, and the general public. It will be great honor and pleasure to share this ancient knowledge with you.

Pranayama Teacher Training Course Contents
Pranayama Teacher Training Course (PTTC)

PTTC 401 - Introduction of Prana
PTTC 402 - Panchkosha Vital Seaths
PTTC 403 - Prana and Chakra
PTTC 404 - Prana and Nadi
PTTC 405 - Prana and Mantra
PTTC 406 - Introduction of Pranayama

Pranayama Teacher Training Course (PTTC)
PTTC 407 - Prana and Pranayama's Role in Shiva swar swarodaya
PTTC 408 - Introduction about other yoga text with special reference to Pranayama
PTTC 409 - Glory of Pranayama in different yoga texts
PTTC 410 - Essential Mudras, Bandhas and Asanas for Pranayama.
Pranayama Teacher Training Course (PTTC)

PTTC 411 - Three aspects of Pranayama and their Importance.
PTTC 412 - Physiology of Pranayama.
PTTC 413 - Guideline of Pranayama
PTTC 414 - Pre Pranayama Practice
PTTC 415 - Classic Pranayama Practice

Refund Policy

It is suggested that all students carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before applying for the teacher training course at Prem Ras Yoga & Wellness School.

The advance deposit that submitted for YTTC 100, 200, 300, 500 or for any retreats and workshops is not refundable.
In case of any emergencies, if the student can't attend the course, Prem Ras Yoga & Wellness School can permit them to join other scheduled course within the period of 12 months.

No Refunds, Credits or Transfers are done on cancellation, during or after the course starts.

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