Sanskrit word 'kaal' means 'time' or 'era' and 'jayi' stands for 'victory'.

Kaaljayi Kriya is a way to find your eternity (soul). Kaaljayi Kriya is not simply a time or era, it's beyond the time. It helps you to answer the question 'who you are'?

Yogi Anant was born in the heart of Himalaya, where every spiritual yogi wishes to live. He spent his life with many different known and unknown spiritual masters and practitioners. Yogi Anant was practicing Kaaljayi Kriya since his childhood. He used to practice this sadhana every single day.

Kaaljayi Kriya is combination of Unique Hatha yoga asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra and meditation. Its powerful series of techniques, when practiced daily, will evolve the Practicioner (Sadhaka) to bring about the state of Self-Realization.

Tapa (austerity), swadhyaya (self – study or self stream) and Ishwarpranidhana (sorrender to God or believe) is the basis of Kaaljayi Kriya.

You Will find Who you are and What is your pleasure in this earth as a human being. You will clarify your vision of life.

It is journey to find seven charecters of your soul (Soul Characters are Purity, Power, Peace, Love, Knowladge, Ecstasy (bliss) and Truth). You already have each of them but you just need to remove the dust from there.

How you can find yourself...

It's a journey that will help you to be centered...

With Kaaljayi kriya you will get a transformation of your life.

Through everyday practice you will become more aware and peaceful.

It will work in your Gross, subtle and causal level.

It is a combination of Ancient Hatha and Raja Yoga.

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