Welcome to our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Edmonton-registered with Yoga Alliance USA based on Hatha Yoga. This is for the learners who have already completed the 200- hour TTC as certified by Yoga Alliance. The curriculum will build upon your pre-existing knowledge and teaching skills, enabling you to teach both the beginners and the advanced students of all backgrounds with confidence, precision, and soul. Clearing all your queries, this deeper understanding of yoga and a subsequent yogic lifestyle on and off the mat will let you spread and share your knowledge with one and all anywhere on this beautiful planet. It is a wonderful journey of self-realization and self-discovery-moving on from light to light, from power to power- a journey from without within and then from within without. It is a training imparted to train others.


This class provides a meticulous understanding of Anatomy and Physiology of the human organ systems- the key to one’s yogic practice- with a brief discussion of the remaining organ systems. The correlation between the physiology and the psycho-philosophical nature of the human organ systems is also discussed in the course of the classes. Things that are discussed include the skeletal system, joints, and range of motion, muscular system and postural imbalances.

Physiology of Asana 

Learning about the physiology of yoga poses is imperative for yoga enthusiasts. In Ashtanga yoga, Patanjali defines asana as ‘Sthirsukham Asanas’.A steady and comfortable body posture is called asana.
Standing, Back Bend, Forward Bend, Twist, Inversion, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Physiology of Pranayama, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Stress and Homeostasis and Physiology of Meditation are among the important matters which are discussed at length at the classes.

The 500- Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is provided in Edmonton is meant to touch the root of yoga. Once you touch the root through acquiring knowledge from the studies of yoga as inherent in the Vedas and other ancient scriptures/ yogic literature you will be in a position to comprehend the entire world of yoga. This would further nourish, deepen and strengthen your knowledge, helping you understand and delve deep into all the concepts of yoga. Nowadays, a great many varieties of yoga are in vogue like Hot Yoga, Red Yoga, Sup Yoga, and Power Yoga. But there is just a handful of people who can teach yoga taken from the root whence all these new varieties have come out. These myriad varieties of yoga being practiced nowadays with pomp are not traditional yoga. They are not real yoga, just effervescence of the original, traditional yoga which dates back to very ancient times.

The 500- Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is provided in Edmonton is special. If we want to know something about the particulars of a vast matter we need to understand its main concept, the essence, the fulcrum on which the body stands. This makes our knowledge complete and comprehensive. Else, no matter how much you study, the concepts will remain vague. By way of an example, if you want to grow as a tree you cannot leave the roots weak. The stronger are the roots the stronger is the body of the tree. Therefore, if your root knowledge of yoga which consists of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga is strong you feel complete from inside. This enhances your confidence. You then become capable of teaching yoga anywhere among any category of people being embedded in your roots.

Yoga Kriyas

  • Kapalbharti (Purification of Frontal lobes and lungs)
  • Neti (Nasal Cleansing)
  • Trataka (Blinkless Gazing)
  • Nauli (Abdominal Massage)
  • Dhouti (Cleansing of Digestive Tract, Stomach)
  • Vasti (Colon cleaning)

These kriyas always clean and maintain your body, mind, and soul. When we do yoga as part of our daily routine our body is always energetic, the mind is peaceful and the soul is attached with the divine. Yogic kriyas are very important for our spiritual connection with God because of our karma.


Affiliated with the highest organization, Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International, PremRas Yoga School is one of the prestigious teacher training schools in Edmonton, the holy town nestled in the Himalayas. Uplifting and maintaining high standards of yoga, the school ensures premium services and supreme infrastructures. The curriculum has been molded as per the specifications of Yoga Alliance and the skill-based courses are taught by certified yoga instructors. Combination of competent teachers, serene environment and international standards being maintained strictly forms a sound base for all future endeavors. The diploma is entitled Master of Yoga,’Yoga Acharya‘.

Refund Policy

t is suggested that the students carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before applying for the teacher training course at PremRas Yoga School.

The advance deposit submitted for YTTC 100, 200, 300, 500 or any retreat and workshop is not refundable.
In case of emergencies, if the student cannot attend the course, PremRas Yoga School may permit him or her to join other scheduled courses within 12 months.

No Refund, Credits or Transfers are done on cancellation, during or after the course starts.

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